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What is TWiki?
A leading open source enterprise wiki and web application platform used by 50,000 small businesses, many Fortune 500 companies, and millions of people.
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TWiki Installations

This page lists TWiki installations. Note that this list is just a small fraction of the actual installations, there are over 700,000 downloads and tens of thousands of installations. You can sort and filter the table. Please take the time to add your TWiki installation. More...

List of TWiki Installations

View, edit: Installed at: Org: Country Installed by: Install Date: Customized: Type of Use: Used by/for: TWiki URL: (if public)
View entry Edit entry TWiki.org Non-profit N/A PeterThoeny 2000/04/01 None Internet TWiki development, Plugins, support, sandbox http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view
View entry Edit entry Wind River Corporate USA PeterThoeny 2000/04/01 None Firewalled Engineering, QA, processes etc, see TWikiSuccessStoryOfWindRiver  
View entry Edit entry IBM Corporate   JohnEaston 2002/09/30 Some Firewalled Internal collaboration on clustering technology  
View entry Edit entry University of Kassel Academic   CyrusZahiri and Arne Groh 2002/10/08 Some Internet Faculty of Townplanning and Landscape Planning  
View entry Edit entry InfoTecna Corporate   DenisSbragion 2002/09/25 None Firewalled Knowledge base for our ISO9001:2000 quality certification  
View entry Edit entry Smile Corporate   AlainArditi 2002/10/03 None Firewalled Technical documentation tool  
View entry Edit entry (undisclosed) Corporate   DarrylVanDorp 2002/10/12 None Firewalled General document management for ISO9001:2000 quality registration  
View entry Edit entry Technical University Muenchen, Theoretical Chemistry group Academic   ChristophScheurer 2002/10/07 None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry Manitoba NDP Provincial Office Government   BillReid 2002/10/08 None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry Lufthansa Systems Berlin Division Airline Planning and Control Corporate   JuergenSchiewe 2002/10/09 None Firewalled Repository for specification documents and as a knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG Corporate   ChristophBuchetmann 2002/10/07 Some Firewalled Internal IT knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry Skyloom Development Services Individual   LynnwoodBrown 2002/03/12 None Internet Used for knowledgebase and project support in grass-roots community development. http://twiki.skyloom.com/bin/view.pl
View entry Edit entry Motorola, Global Software Group Corporate   ThomasWeigert 2000/12/01 Some Firewalled Collaboration between engineering teams  
View entry Edit entry University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, UK Academic   IanPratt 2002/10/08 Some Firewalled Internal use by the Systems Research Group  
View entry Edit entry IWeThey.org Other   KarstenSelf 2002/03/15 Some Internet An experiment in collective intelligence. Stupidity. Whatever. http://twiki.iwethey.org/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry AbiWord Word Processing Non-profit   JesperSkov 2002/06/07 Some Internet Users help keep the FAQ up to date http://www.abisource.com/twiki/bin/view/Abiword/AbiWordFAQ
View entry Edit entry AstroGrid virtual observatory project, UK Academic   TonyLinde 2002/01/17 None Internet Collaboration and documentation of Astrogrid and VO http://wiki.astrogrid.org/bin/view/Astrogrid/WebHome
View entry Edit entry innovASIC Corporate   DaveAlsup 2001/08/15 Some Firewalled requirements management, process documentation, general documentation/training  
View entry Edit entry Department of Environment, Yukon Government Government   MattWilkie 2002/02/01 Some Firewalled sys admin notes (e.g. problems encountered/fixed deploying software "X"); weblog style project notes; successful? not really, not yet, waiting for more buy-in, probably predicated on some kind of WYSIWYG twiki editor  
View entry Edit entry OSIMS Non-profit   DarrylVanDorp 2002/10/16 None Internet project collaboration/notes http://osims.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/OSIMS
View entry Edit entry TAB Queensland Corporate   DarrylGreen 2002/01/16 Some Firewalled Document management and other stuff in sw development area  
View entry Edit entry hurd.gnufans.org Non-profit   JoachimNilsson 2002/05/12 Some Internet FSF GNU OS development focused on GNU/Hurd and Debian http://hurd.gnufans.org/bin/view/Main/HurdGnuFansOrg
View entry Edit entry Motorola, Semiconductor Products US Corporate   ChrisKacerguis 2002/09/01 None Firewalled Sharing between engineering teams http://twiki.sps.mot.com/bin/view.cgi
View entry Edit entry Motorola, Semiconductor Products UK Corporate   CrawfordCurrie 2000/06/01 Some Firewalled Engineering teams; discussion, minutes, process docs, coauthoring http://nor-server1.sps.mot.com/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry HIP, Helsinki Institute of Physics, Technology Programme (Espoo, Finland) Academic   MichaelGindonis 2001/11/23 None Internet Web portal of HIP, Technology Programme, EU-Datagrid work package 2, CERN OpenLab http://wiki.hip.fi/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry Independent Media Center Non-profit   ToniPrug, contact: BenVoui 2002/03/31 Some Internet Documentation of processes, best practices, proposals etc http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry grand.central.org Non-profit   Jeffrey Hutzelman 2002/01/14 None Internet Collaboration on AFS distributed file system http://grand.central.org/twiki/bin/view/AFSLore/WebHome
View entry Edit entry The Data Mine Non-profit   AndyPryke 2001/10/14 Some Internet Repository for data mining (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) http://www.the-data-mine.com/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry RainMaker Software, Inc. Corporate   JamesNewman 2002/08/20 None Firewalled Internal support and program documentation  
View entry Edit entry Editorial Culiacán S.A. de C.V. Corporate   Miguel Tirado 2002/11/01 None Firewalled Internal IT knowledge base, support and program documentation http://www.hausgarten.net
View entry Edit entry WorldGroup Consulting Corporate   BarryWeinstein 2002/11/01 None Private Hosting a number of webs for collaborative documentation.  
View entry Edit entry IBM Lotus software Corporate   DanielClark 2002/07/10 Some Firewalled Internal Departmental I/S Documentation and Discussion  
View entry Edit entry Lucent Technologies (Nuremberg) Corporate   NorbertGawor 2002/11/11 Some Firewalled Software Development Environment: Docs, FAQs, Discussions  
View entry Edit entry Tom and Melissa Personal Site Individual   Thomas Johnson 2002/11/13 None Internet Unix Knowledge/Family/Interests/MISC http://tomandmelissa.servebeer.com:28000/twiki/readme.txt
View entry Edit entry Metropolitan Datenservice Ges.m.b.H. Corporate   OliverKump 2002/11/13 Some Firewalled Knowledgebase for Metropolitan Offertsystem  
View entry Edit entry IDG mbH Corporate   FreimutHennies 2002/11/01 None Firewalled Collaboration in two projects, knowledge base and making documents publicly available  
View entry Edit entry LiquidTeam Corporate   MichaelHolligan 2002/09/05 Some Private Internally to manage projects and the company in general. Potential to customise for use by our customers too.  
View entry Edit entry Website of Beat Doebeli Academic   BeatDoebeli 2002/10/08 Some Internet Education in Switzerland http://wiki.doebe.li
View entry Edit entry Hammarskjold Information Corporate   MagnusHelander 2002/10/01 Some Firewalled Collaboration, Document management, Project management, Contacts  
View entry Edit entry Mobile S.A. - City: Recife, Country: Brazil Corporate   José Fernando Tepedino 2002/11/20 Some Firewalled Used by internal users only, to collect and share research material as articles, opinions, links, hints, etc.  
View entry Edit entry University of Minnesota, Morris Computer Science Academic   NicMcPhee 2001/08/26 Many Internet Discipline faculty and students to collaborate for projects and assignments. http://csci.mrs.umn.edu/twiki/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry DBAI, TUW, Austria Academic Austria WolfgangSlany 2002/09/01 Some Other National R&D project proposal coordination  
View entry Edit entry Schweizer Heimatschutz Non-profit   DominiqueWehrli 2002/12/03 Many Firewalled Intranet  
View entry Edit entry home Individual   PatrickTschorn 2002/12/03 None Private Easy and flexible organization of thoughts.  
View entry Edit entry Aramiska Corporate   Dean, Andrew 2002/10/04 Some Firewalled File Exchange, Notices  
View entry Edit entry MIT's Whitehead Institute - Production Sequencing Informatics Group Non-profit   ErikHusby 2002/12/05 None Firewalled Group collaboration and documentation  
View entry Edit entry IBygrave Home Web Individual   Ian Bygrave 2002/12/09 None Internet Personal Cruft http://ibygrave.no-ip.org/
View entry Edit entry Swiss Federal Achives Government   StephanHeuscher 2002/02/15 Some Firewalled Collaboration/Everything  
View entry Edit entry EptaSim Corporate   DavideBaroncelli 2002/12/12 None Firewalled internal content management, to do lists, ...  
View entry Edit entry UBS AG Corporate   PeterKlausner 2002/07/01 Some Firewalled TWikiForRequirementsManagement; TicketWiki  
View entry Edit entry System Integrity Corporate   AntonAylward 2002/12/18 Some Firewalled AntonAylward - various, including notes and experimentation  
View entry Edit entry AstroGrid Portal Academic   TonyLinde 2002/01/17 None Internet AstroGrid project team: UK e-Science project to create Virtual Observatory http://wiki.astrogrid.org/bin/view/Astrogrid/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Undisclosed electronic retail store Corporate   KenKoftan 2002/06/01 None Firewalled MIS Support tool to document common problems and solutions  
View entry Edit entry Oasis Semiconductor, Inc. Corporate   CarlMikkelsen 2003/01/04 Many Private Internal engineering documentation and information capture. Integration of substantially changed TocPlugin with htmldoc to generate customer-ready pdf documents.  
View entry Edit entry TransCore Corporate   KristopherJohnson 2001/03/01 Some Firewalled Collaboration on software development  
View entry Edit entry Home Individual   DavidPostill 2002/12/15 None Private Experimentation  
View entry Edit entry ARINC Incorporated Corporate   DavidHancock 2002/04/02 None Firewalled a software development group for collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Baggett, McCall, Burgess & Watson Corporate   DanBoitnott 2002/12/01 None Firewalled Lawyers and programmers for collaboration  
View entry Edit entry ATARI Bit Byter User Club e.V. ABBUC Non-profit   Carsten Strotmann 2002/11/01 Some Internet Collect Information abour classic ATARI Computer http://www.strotmann.de/twiki/bin/view/Infothek/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Honeypot.net Individual   SubWiki:Main/KirkStrauser 2001/12/15 None Internet Software and process documentation, Open Source projects, personal enjoyment. http://subwiki.honeypot.net/
View entry Edit entry BTexact Technologies Corporate   MartinRoberts & RogerLeaton 2002/12/01 None Firewalled Support Collaborative Project Work for BT Group  
View entry Edit entry Australian Centre for Unisys Software Corporate   SvenDowideit 2000/09/30 Many Firewalled internal collaboration  
View entry Edit entry HSA Systems Corporate   SvenDowideit 2001/06/19 Some Firewalled collaboration, Bug, Release and Support Tracking  
View entry Edit entry REEA SRL Corporate   Adrian Tofan 2001/01/21 Some Firewalled Collaboration and documentation of controlpanel software and other documentation  
View entry Edit entry Ceyoniq Technology GmbH Corporate   HeikoHerrmann 2003/01/22 Some Firewalled Knowledge base for Callcenter and Support  
View entry Edit entry Nearburg Producing Company Corporate   KenCochran 2003/01/23 None Firewalled Intranet and Project collaboration  
View entry Edit entry J.D. Edwards Corporate   JohnPickler 2003/01/23 Some Firewalled Department Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry My home and family website Individual   CarlMikkelsen 2003/01/22 Some Internet Family and friends. Email cmmNOSPAMalum.mit.edu for authentication. http://www.foxkid.net/twiki/
View entry Edit entry Reuters Corporate   RoddyMacFarquhar 2002/07/24 Many Firewalled Internal collaboration  
View entry Edit entry DTE Energy Corporate   PaulTunney 2003/01/29 Some Firewalled internal communities  
View entry Edit entry OSM GmbH Corporate   LarsRaeder 2003/01/29 Many Firewalled Intranet  
View entry Edit entry Quality Management International, Inc. Corporate   JonathanDavis 2003/01/30 None Firewalled Internal use only  
View entry Edit entry University of Bremen Computer Science Academic   Joerg Kurlbaum 2003/01/13 None Firewalled Student Project. Knowledge Base for Robocup Leagues. https://titan.informatik.uni-bremen.de/twiki/
View entry Edit entry Boeing Satellite Systems Corporate   MartyBacke 2002/01/30 None Firewalled Test equipment software development  
View entry Edit entry n/a Non-profit   TomTo 2003/02/04 Some Private communication/organisation within an improv troupe  
View entry Edit entry Stibo Catalog Corporate   SamHasler 2003/02/04 Some Firewalled Documentation / Knowledge Sharing  
View entry Edit entry Federal Department Of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland IT-Support, HelpDesk Government   NinoBolis 2003/02/06 None Firewalled testing purposes, possible option for Knowledge Management of the HelpDesk  
View entry Edit entry brayden.org Individual   DaleBrayden 2002/07/01 Some Internet personal notebook, collaboration with some customers http://www.brayden.org/twiki/bin/view/Random/WebHome
View entry Edit entry University of Missouri - Rolla Academic   NathanNeulinger 2002/12/26 Some Firewalled Internal documentation and management  
View entry Edit entry Haliplex Communcation Systems Corporate   RonKellam 2003/02/13 Some Firewalled Collaboration on hardware & software development  
View entry Edit entry SunGard Forbatec GmbH Corporate   PatrickHansmeier 2002/10/15 Some Firewalled department's collaboration  
View entry Edit entry R+V Versicherung Direktion Wiesbaden Corporate   SvenVowe 2002/12/01 Some Firewalled Systems Management Centralized Documentation System  
View entry Edit entry Optiron Corporate   MarkDenovich 2002/04/18 Some Firewalled Development Knowledgebase  
View entry Edit entry uib Umwelt Informatik Büro, Mainz, Germany Corporate   MartinRaabe 2003/02/22 None Firewalled Knowledge Management, team support, Notebook  
View entry Edit entry uib Umwelt Informatik Büro, Mainz, Germany Government   MartinRaabe 2003/02/22 None Firewalled Call Tracking, Software Rollout support  
View entry Edit entry Home Individual   EliNapchan 2003/02/24 None Internet Contacts with users; writing academic papers collaboration  
View entry Edit entry The Musical Mind - University of Prince Edward Island Academic   AndrewZinck 2003/02/20 Some Internet Course-related assignments and projects http://adelie.cs.upei.ca/cgi-bin/twiki/view
View entry Edit entry Hasylab at DESY Academic   UlfJastrow 2003/02/03 Some Firewalled Development of scientific experiments  
View entry Edit entry blueDonkey.org Individual   JohnGordon 2003/03/03 None Internet Online collaborative book writing. http://www.bluedonkey.org/cgi-bin/twiki/bin/view/Main
View entry Edit entry Momentum Employee Benefits Corporate   PaulKane and GraemePyle of OpenSourceAsp 2002/06/30 Some Firewalled Collaboration and documentation management in the Internal Application Development Division of a Pension Administration Business  
View entry Edit entry Télécom Paris Academic   SamuelTardieu 2001/12/01 None Internet Many groups needing a wiki http://wiki.enst.fr/
View entry Edit entry Arche Center, St. Andrews University Academic   JoshParsons 2003/03/07 Some Private Academic collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Center for Digital Strategies, Tuck School of Business Academic   ScottDynes 2003/03/03 Some Internet Adding discussion/collaboration capabilities to web site  
View entry Edit entry Personal Site Individual   WillemAandewiel 2003/03/13 Some Private Documentation, knolledge collection etc. http://www.aandewiel.nl/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry Siemens Mobile Corporate   JavierOlivan 2002/12/01 Some Firewalled Project collaboration  
View entry Edit entry 3Dlabs Fort Collins Corporate   MikeWeiblen 2003/03/27 Some Firewalled engineer collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Siemens FSP, Innovation Creation Centre Corporate   ThomasBrupbacher 2003/03/27 None Firewalled Project collaboration and knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry CDC Ixis Capital Market Corporate   TWikiGuest 2002/08/12 Some Firewalled project collaboration  
View entry Edit entry ECSForge Corporate   LannyRipple 2003/04/10 Some Firewalled Internal Linux developers group  
View entry Edit entry AndreaFanelli 's home computer Individual   AndreaFanelli 2002/12/27 None Private Test; Study  
View entry Edit entry OrcaNet GmbH Corporate   JoergBieri 2003/01/01 Some Firewalled Storing company wide information (about administration, licences, FAQs, etc.)  
View entry Edit entry Talis Information Ltd Corporate   AndyPryke 2003/04/25 Some Firewalled Project requirements capture and management, documentation and more hopefully...  
View entry Edit entry Correlogic Systems Corporate   TzongHaoChen 2003/04/23 None Firewalled Project Collaborations  
View entry Edit entry Talisker Solutions (Secured Intranet) Corporate   DarrenEhlers 2003/05/06 Some Firewalled Distributed team collaboration during start-up phase of business  
View entry Edit entry OLAT.org Academic   FlorianGnaegi 2003/05/07 Some Firewalled Open Source E-Learning Software Development http://www.olat.org/
View entry Edit entry Ticketmaster Online Corporate   RickOliver 2001/10/01 Many Firewalled Documentation Server  
View entry Edit entry SentitO Corporate   JdavidZhu 2003/05/16 None Firewalled JdavidZhu; for testing purpose  
View entry Edit entry BT plc Corporate   MartinRoberts 2002/06/01 Some Firewalled Any active projects within our computing development and design area  
View entry Edit entry BT plc Corporate   MartinRoberts 2003/02/01 Some Firewalled Line of Business CIO for Architecture and Design Assurance  
View entry Edit entry Telco B2B Forum Non-profit   MartinRoberts 2003/05/10 Some Internet Forum for B2B Technical Collaboration http://telcob2b.org.uk
View entry Edit entry Veritape Ltd Corporate   RossC 2002/06/01 Some Internet Providing information for clients and resellers. Internal knowledge base. Internal Job tracking. Documentation. Publishing. http://www.veritape.com
View entry Edit entry igence Ltd Corporate   SteveFolly 2003/05/19 Some Firewalled company & customers for project collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Redwood Software Technology, Inc. Corporate   StephanChristen 2003/05/22 None Firewalled General Knowlegde Base  
View entry Edit entry Harris Corporation NetBoss Integration Group Corporate USA JohnRouillard 2001/11/24 Many Firewalled Software distribution/usage info, Process definition, Address space Management and resource reservation.  
View entry Edit entry ILOG Corporate   ColasNahaboo 2001/02/01 Many Firewalled Various Intranet uses for R&D groups  
View entry Edit entry GNHLUG Non-profit   BruceDawson 2001/12/15 None Internet Main web site http://www.gnhlug.org
View entry Edit entry Canta Forda Computer Laboratory Individual   VickiBrown 2003/06/03 None Private miscellaneoous investigations http://cfcl.com/twiki
View entry Edit entry Matrix Intermedia Corporate   MichaelOliver 2003/06/07 Many Firewalled Product Development XP Teams  
View entry Edit entry Alias Wavefront Corporate   MartinWatt 2002/04/10 Many Firewalled All documentation, project tracking, collaboration by development teams.  
View entry Edit entry mobilcom Corporate   TobiasBade 2003/03/05 Some Firewalled Knowledgebase and Documentation for our Software-Development Projects  
View entry Edit entry Universidade Católica de Petrópolis - Faculdade de Informática Academic   PauloCerqueira 2003/01/01 None Firewalled Faculdade de Informática http://lmw.inf.ucp.br/twiki
View entry Edit entry HP Danmark Corporate   KimHansen 2001/07/01 Some Firewalled documenting my work  
View entry Edit entry Řresundskollegiet Non-profit   KimHansen 2001/06/23 None Firewalled documenting our network  
View entry Edit entry Gruzd, Zets & Co Corporate   PaulKane and GraemePyle of OpenSourceAsp 2003/07/10 Some Firewalled Collaboration and documentation management in auditing, tax and secretarial departments  
View entry Edit entry mindmatters Corporate   ThomasJachmann 2003/07/07 Some Firewalled internal documentation and collaboration with customers  
View entry Edit entry Evolved Media Network Corporate USA DanWoods 2003/07/10 Some Firewalled Manage writing projects; book writing  
View entry Edit entry The Pettersons Individual   PaulPetterson 2003/07/05 Some Internet Personal Notebook, collaboration with Family & Friends http://thepettersons.org
View entry Edit entry OSU FEH Academic   TedPavlic 2003/07/25 Some Internet To aid in the instruction of Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors students at The Ohio State University (collaboration, information, instruction, questions, etc.) http://www.osufeh.org/
View entry Edit entry National IT and Telecom Agency, Denmark Government   JohnGotze 2003/07/22 None Firewalled Collaborative writing  
View entry Edit entry Nuevolution A/S Corporate   DaenDeLeon 2003/07/29 Some Firewalled Pharma library technology development collaboration  
View entry Edit entry ZetecSoftware Corporate   ThomasMatelich 2003/07/30 Some Firewalled Small project tracking. How-Tos. FAQs.  
View entry Edit entry Jet Support Centre, UK Corporate   VamsiKrishna 2003/07/31 Some Firewalled Employees  
View entry Edit entry LRDE Academic   GeoffroyFouquier 2002/07/01 Some Internet web site and internal collaboration http://www.lrde.epita.fr/cgi-bin/twiki/view/
View entry Edit entry AVO - European Virtual Observatory Non-profit   MarcoLeoni 2002/08/22 Some Internet Collaboration area for the Astrophysical Virtual Observatory project http://www.euro-vo.org/intranet/
View entry Edit entry IVOA - International Virtual Observatory Alliance Non-profit   MarcoLeoni 2002/08/28 Some Internet Collaboration area for VO projects http://www.ivoa.net/intranet
View entry Edit entry Blah!     ChrisRumpf 2003/08/10 None Firewalled Intranet  
View entry Edit entry SoftComputer Consultants Corporate   IvanGrynov 2003/08/01 Some Firewalled Collaboration area  
View entry Edit entry CAN victoria Individual   SeanDwyer 2003/08/08 None Private Computer support, for tracking hardware/software.  
View entry Edit entry Yale Center for Medical Informatics Non-profit   PeterMasiar 2003/08/12 Some Internet CGI::Application CPAN package - Best practices http://twiki.med.yale.edu/twiki2/bin/view/CGIapp/WebHome
View entry Edit entry University of Surrey Department of Computing Academic   SifeiHe 2003/08/19 Some Firewalled Departmental/Research Group Internal Usage. Experimentation  
View entry Edit entry http://www.coosys.com Other   BenoitFauvel 2003/01/20 Some Internet Public site http://www.coosys.com
View entry Edit entry CS dept, Rome 1 Univ., Italy Academic   AndreaSterbini 2001/08/21 Some Internet Teaching http://twiki.dsi.uniroma1.it
View entry Edit entry PEAR AVENUE, INC. Corporate   StevenEricssonZenith 2003/08/28 Some Private For project collaboration internally and external with clients  
View entry Edit entry Collective Technologies Corporate   BillHuff 2001/02/01 Some Firewalled Collectifve's IT organization for internal docs and Collective's R&D org for engineering Docs  
View entry Edit entry Home: Jamie Dinkelacker Individual   JamieDinkelacker 2003/09/02 Some Private information management for writing articles and books  
View entry Edit entry Custom Manufacturing and Engineering Corporate   DavidKessler 2003/09/25 None Firewalled Software Engineering Intranet  
View entry Edit entry FutureQuest, Inc. Non-profit   SueLocke 2003/09/01 Some Other Process Work (psychology methodology) researchers  
View entry Edit entry Natural Language Systems Division, Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg, Germany Academic   MichaelDaum 2003/09/08 Many Internet web presence of division, teaching, project coordination, knowledgebase http://nats-www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/
View entry Edit entry Veritas DGC in Singapore Corporate   PeterWhiting 2003/01/15 Some Firewalled Regional staff  
View entry Edit entry Novator (on internal intranet) Corporate   SteveWiller 2003/10/16 Some Firewalled used as intranet for employees, and in the future as an extranet for showing things to clients  
View entry Edit entry http://delikat.homeip.net/ Individual USA DavidDelikat 2003/10/18 None Internet experiment http://delikat.homeip.net/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry The British Library Government   TWikiGuest 2003/11/06 None Firewalled Software development discussion/collaboration/documentation  
View entry Edit entry 2010 Virtual Individual   MaloGirodDeLAin 2003/07/01 Some Internet A collaborative space to discuss the future. http://www.2010virtual.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Siemens Medical SW Corporate   JeanMarieClement 2002/02/01 Some Firewalled Collaboration on software development; project follow-up  
View entry Edit entry Sirona GmbH Corporate   MartinRaabe 2003/11/11 Some Firewalled Software Development Team Communication Support  
View entry Edit entry Ben-Gurion University Academic   BenjaminFleischer 2003/10/18 Some Internet Student in the Ben-Gurion University Columbia University Medical School Program http://medic.bgu.ac.il/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry National Association of Investors Corp Non-profit   KurtKowitz 2003/10/01 None Firewalled Web site development, documentation and discussion  
View entry Edit entry San Joaquin Delta College Academic   ChrisKirschenman 2003/12/01 Some Firewalled Project management, Change Management, Knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry Quadrics Ltd. Corporate   RobinCrook 2003/12/02 Some Firewalled Internal knowledge base, support, information sharing.  
View entry Edit entry Forgotten Realms Steampunk Individual   LanceWeber 2003/12/02 Some Private RPG Gaming Group http://alfheimstudios.com/frsp/
View entry Edit entry University of Nevada, Reno Academic   Ed Wishart 2003/12/10 None Firewalled Collaborative learning for intro CS class  
View entry Edit entry Skotos Corporate   ChristopherAllen 2003/05/01 None Firewalled SkotosWiki has multiple private and semi-private webs, used by corporate internal, outside contractors, 7 teams of game designers, and players of Castle Marrach  
View entry Edit entry HLUG - Houston Linux Users Group Non-profit   RussellAdams 2003/08/08 None Internet HLUG / Library, Helpdesk, & General Communication http://www.adamsinfoserv.com/twiki/
View entry Edit entry Dilax Intelcom GmbH Corporate   DirkRaffel 2004/01/07 None Firewalled Project management, collaboration area for software development  
View entry Edit entry Altitude Software Technet Corporate   JoaquimBaptista 2004/01/01 Some Firewalled Exchange of technical information among employees  
View entry Edit entry Lufthansa Cargo AG Corporate   ChristophKrueger 2003/05/01 None Firewalled Glossary, technical documentation, architectural guidelines  
View entry Edit entry VISAR Control Industrial Corporate   LuisLloret 2003/05/28 Some Firewalled Project documentation, technical discussion and Knowledge Center.  
View entry Edit entry Landesfachgruppe Darstellendes Spiel an Gymnasien in Bayern e.V. Non-profit   GuentherSchmid 2004/01/30 None Internet Collaboration about school theatre http://LandesfachgruppeDarstellendesSpielBayern.de/cgi-bin/view/DS/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Technical university Graz, Institute of Software Technology Academic   WolfgangSlany + other members of the department 2002/10/28 None Other Several uses; altogether 10 twikis used for course organisation, project coordination, intranet knowledge base, private use; central twiki-code base  
View entry Edit entry Loowit Networks Individual   JamesPerkins 2004/02/11 Some Private Friends & Family TWiki http://twiki.loowit.net
View entry Edit entry Madrid Cricket Club web site Non-profit   DavidHugill 2004/02/16 Some Internet Information on the cricket club for members, prospective players, visiting teams and Spaniards who probably thought we meant croquet. http://cricketinmadrid.com
View entry Edit entry Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen Government   RobertHennig 2003/02/01 Some Firewalled Interior documentation  
View entry Edit entry NDS Corporate   NathanSlonim 2004/02/29 None Firewalled Corporate / R &D  
View entry Edit entry Wilzewski.de Academic   MichaelMuthmann 2004/03/10 None Firewalled testing  
View entry Edit entry Oxamer Corporate   RyanEgeland 2003/09/14 Some Firewalled Team collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Home Individual   MartinLange 2004/03/12 None Private Test, evaluation, organizing some private stuff  
View entry Edit entry L4 Academic   ((((( radar ))))) 2004/02/13 Some Other Tuitional purposes (Digital blackboard in school)  
View entry Edit entry HP Americas Corporate   TedThomas 2003/11/24 Some Firewalled R&D Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Columbia Forest Products Corporate   GregSzymanek 2004/03/18 None Firewalled IT Knowledge Base  
View entry Edit entry Radionics Corporate   GaryBeckmann 2004/03/01 Some Firewalled R&D Engineering collaboration during product development.  
View entry Edit entry RedeFloresta Government   JarbasJunior 2004/03/10 Many Firewalled Rede Floresta de Inclusăo Digital http://www.redefloresta.gov.br
View entry Edit entry GNU Enterprise Non-profit   Jason Cater 2004/03/23 None Internet Knowledge Base/Collaboration http://www.gnuenterprise.org/twiki/
View entry Edit entry Cingular Wireless Corporate   WalidTaraf 2004/03/05 None Firewalled Development intranet, different groups  
View entry Edit entry ITI - Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia da Informaçăo Government   JarbasJunior 2003/06/01 Many Firewalled Disseminar/Disciplinar o Uso do Software Livre no Governo Federal http://www.iti.br
View entry Edit entry The Potts House Individual   PaulPotts 2002/04/02 Some Internet Personal writing/thinking, some freelance work http://thepottshouse.org/twiki/cgi-bin/edit.cgi/Paul/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Instituto de Matemática da UFBA Academic Brazil AntonioTerceiro 2001/08/01 Some Internet Cooperative work between studants and teachers in Mathematics Institute of Federal University of Bahia http://twiki.im.ufba.br
View entry Edit entry Globix Corporate   AdamParrish 2004/03/01 Some Firewalled Internal collaboration; technical document repository  
View entry Edit entry Digidesign Corporate   SteveRosenthal 2001/08/08 Some Firewalled Engineering Test Services Department; Testing documentation, test grids, tracking, etc.  
View entry Edit entry Klinikum Dortmund gGmbH Academic   JensLeuschner 2004/03/15 Some Firewalled IT-Department: Knowledgebase, Documentation, Intranet  
View entry Edit entry Adtron Corporation Corporate   AlanDayley 2003/09/01 None Firewalled Inter-department documentation. Project collaboration.  
View entry Edit entry SIA "ANK" Corporate   AlexanderSmishlajev 2002/07/06 Some Internet Product deployment and support tasks (private web), product documentation, corporate developer guides and other docs http://www.ank-sia.com/twiki
View entry Edit entry ACM Group Corporate   RodrigoChandia 2003/03/05 Some Firewalled Project Tracking, Project Design, Knowledge Base  
View entry Edit entry http://wiki-institute.com Non-profit   SaschaBuettner 2004/02/01 Some Internet communication / research http://wiki-institute.com
View entry Edit entry Industrial XP Non-profit   SomikRaha 2004/04/20 Some Internet The Industrial XP Community http://industrialxp.org/community
View entry Edit entry Sistemas Cooperativos Academic   LorenaFlores 2004/05/13 None Private uabc  
View entry Edit entry Wachovia Corporate   DO-IT & JamesCollins 2001/08/01 Some Firewalled IT Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry IronPort Systems, Inc. Corporate   IT 2003 None Firewalled IT, for tracking project status, disseminating information  
View entry Edit entry University Göttingen, Germany Academic   HeikoVoigt 2003/03/13 None Firewalled Student pages for Computer Science, information exchange between students http://www.studenten.informatik.uni-goettingen.de
View entry Edit entry Zedat.Fu-Berlin.de     AgilMondrak 2004/06/03   Private Personal Bookshelf  
View entry Edit entry Honeybee Robotics Corporate   KenMankoff 2004/04/15 Some Firewalled Internal address book, project tracking, knowledge base, company information, etc.  
View entry Edit entry Internode Corporate   NickMorrison 2004/06/10 Some Firewalled Intranet / Document management / Team collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Eldorado Computing, Inc. Corporate   TWikiGuest 2004/06/11 None Firewalled Internal software developers  
View entry Edit entry   Individual   JorgeCarrizo 2004/06/26 None Private    
View entry Edit entry Fachschaft Mathematik Academic   Alexander Klink 2004/06/28 None Internet organizing the orientation week for math student freshmen, will be used by probably ~30-40 people, switch from UseModWiki which was used last year. http://www.owo2004.mathebau.de
View entry Edit entry Proyecto OMERIQUE Academic   RicardoDeLosSantos 2004/07/9 Some Internet Teachers http://www.omerique.net/twiki
View entry Edit entry Transaction Network Services Corporate   KieranTully 2003/11/15 None Firewalled Experimental at this stage. Hopefully for capturing Development documentation, activity, collaboration, issues etc.  
View entry Edit entry www.jramb.com Individual   JoergRamb 2002/07/22 Some Private Friends and Family http://www.jramb.com
View entry Edit entry Vanderbilt Univeristy School of Medicine, Department of Biostatistics Academic   TWikiGuest 2004/01/21 Some Internet professors, programmers, statisticians, and administrative staff for projects, data, and department information http://biostat.mc.vanderbilt.edu/
View entry Edit entry Golden Chain Press Individual   TrevisMartin 2004/04/10 Some Internet Game Publishing and Play http://goldenchainpress.com
View entry Edit entry National Technical University of Athens Academic   NassosKatsamanis 2004/03/05 Some Internet Project workspace of Computer Vision Speech Communication Group http://cvsp.cs.ntua.gr/projects/muscle
View entry Edit entry IP5 Corporation Corporate   LucMartel 2004/08/02 None Firewalled Knowledge base for MIS  
View entry Edit entry GrahamsBrain Individual   GrahamNorth 2003/11/0 None Private By Graham to extend the current server for private internet use http://grahams.free-online.co.uk/
View entry Edit entry my private Linux box Individual Austria HeinrichNirschl 2004/05/31 None Private private note pad  
View entry Edit entry http://tomasu.org Individual Canada ThomasFjellstrom 2006/03/01 Some Internet Allegro Low Level Game Library http://awiki.tomasu.org
View entry Edit entry Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg school, in Kassel, Germany Academic Germany klausf "situated at e-mail-site" schule.de 2003/08/17 Some Firewalled Web-based classroom and work-group management. It's great! http://gcls.dyndns.org
View entry Edit entry NANI Non-profit   GyrdThaneLange 2004/02/04 None Internet Home pages and staff collaboration tool http://www.nani.no
View entry Edit entry .microsound Non-profit   JohnSaylor 2004/08/28 Some Internet electronic audio artists http://microsound.nexthop.net/bin/view.cgi/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry CERT Fresno Other   CedricReese 2004/08/28 None Private Neighborhood Disaster Preparation  
View entry Edit entry Administrative Office of the US Courts Government   JacobDavenport 2004/02/17 None Firewalled Case management and electronic filing systems programmers for internal documentation.  
View entry Edit entry Trinity Consulting Corporate   ImreKardos 2004/09/21 None Firewalled document management, knowledge base, FAQ and discussions  
View entry Edit entry Practice Management Corporate   DavidCowley 2004/07/23 Some Firewalled Employees to provide training documents  
View entry Edit entry Science Fiction Writers Workshop Other   AnnelieseFox 2004/09/28 Some Private Collaborative writing projects  
View entry Edit entry ozTiVo Non-profit   AndrewJ 2003/23/06 Some Internet ozTiVo site to contain document system for TiVo in Australia http://minnie.tuhs.org/TiVo
View entry Edit entry Motion Website Non-profit   KennethLavrsen 2004/10/02 None Internet Collaboration and documentation on the open source software project Motion. Later documentation for pwc Linux driver has been added. http://www.lavrsen.dk/twiki/bin/view/Motion/WebHome
View entry Edit entry AvanTIC Estudio de Ingenieros Corporate   JuanAlvarez 2004/07/01 Some Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry CGMH Non-profit Taiwan ChYang 2003/06/05 Some Firewalled Internal collaboration.  
View entry Edit entry Cadmus Knowledge Works Corporate   PaulVivier 2002/11/25 Some Firewalled Internal documentation and creating help files which are published in pdf and flat html.  
View entry Edit entry ASDEX Upgrade Non-profit   JChristophFuchs 2004/10/06 Some Firewalled Knowledge base and document archive  
View entry Edit entry Universität Bremen Academic   ThomasRoefer 2004/10/07 Some Firewalled Homepage of Sony Four-Legged Robot League (RoboCup) http://www.tzi.de/4legged
View entry Edit entry Aqueduct Information Services Academic   VincentLowe 2002/03/01 Some Internet Students of our technical courses, discussion of our crazy ideas, and rants by our various contributors http://wiki.aquecorp.com
View entry Edit entry PARKEON Corporate   MartinFuzzey, PatrickNomblot 2002/09/01 Some Firewalled R&D knownledge base, discussion, LDAP and CVS frontal  
View entry Edit entry x545.dyndns.org Individual   SandroWeiser 2004/10/08 Some Internet   http://x545.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/twiki/view
View entry Edit entry Demandtec Corporate   Aiguo (Andrew) Dong 2004/07/28 Some Firewalled collaboration and doc management system  
View entry Edit entry Pädagogische Hochschule Solothurn, Switzerland Academic   BeatDoebeli 2004/10/15 Many Internet Teacher education for kindergarden and primary school teachers http://campus.ph-solothurn.ch
View entry Edit entry KSZK Academic   AndrasSzell 2004/09/09 Some Internet collaboration, doc management, development, CMS http://kszk.sch.bme.hu/twiki
View entry Edit entry Zone Labs Corporate   AshishSahu 2004/10/27 None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry CoCreate Corporate   ClausBrod 2002/09/02 Some Firewalled R&D documentation and project management  
View entry Edit entry HSF.cz Corporate   JindraVimr 2004/12/10 Some Firewalled Internal developers/management communication, development knowledgebase  
View entry Edit entry Lukoil-Inform Corporate   AlexeyZinoviev 2004/10/25 Some Firewalled Collaboration and document management http://twiki.multimedia.ru
View entry Edit entry Consis International, LLC Corporate   RafaelAlvarez 2003/08/01 Some Firewalled Acsel-e & IFlex-Pro Development Team  
View entry Edit entry Sagebrush Corporation Corporate   TracyMcKibben 2004/11/02 Some Firewalled Internal documentation and system monitoring  
View entry Edit entry Free Software Association - Bulgaria Non-profit   IassenPramatarov 2003/01/01 None Private FSA-BG collaboration platform http://fsa-bg.org
View entry Edit entry OSzehn.at Non-profit   MarcusKabele 2004/08/01 Many Internet Austrian Mac OS X interest group http://www.oszehn.at/
View entry Edit entry Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (GSI), Darmstadt, Germany Academic   ChristopherHuhn 2003/11/05 Some Internet collaborative documentation system for experiment collaborations and the IT department http://wiki.gsi.de/, http://hades-wiki.gsi.de/, http://cbm-wiki.gsi.de/
View entry Edit entry Freytag & Company, LLC Corporate   RichardFreytag 2004/09/01 Some Internet Experimentation with public collaboration with a well-known open source solution. https://www.freytag.us/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Mandriva Linux cookers Corporate   FredericLepied 2004/01/27 Some Internet Documentation/news of the development of Mandriva Linux http://qa.mandriva.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/MandrivaLinux
View entry Edit entry DavidMonaghan.com Individual   DavidMonaghan 2004/11/16 Some Internet David Monaghan's multimedia design site. http://www.davidmonaghan.com/twiki/bin/view.pl
View entry Edit entry PHP Web Hosting Individual   TedHartnell 2003/7/1 Some Internet Family resource http://www.onegen.com
View entry Edit entry World Radio Network Non-profit   MichaelBarnes 2003/04/30 None Firewalled Corporate Intranet  
View entry Edit entry http://www.ist.tugraz.at/ Academic   IstTugrazAdmin 2002/10/28 None Firewalled Intranet, courses, projects, personal  
View entry Edit entry Mature Asskickers Non-profit   KennethPorter 2004/11/02 None Internet Online Game Discussions and FAQ's http://wiki.matureasskickers.net/
View entry Edit entry VPAC Non-profit   PatrickSunter 2003/11/01 Some Firewalled Scientific software development ("e-science") http://csd.vpac.org/twiki
View entry Edit entry Royal Observatory Edinburgh Academic   HorstMeyerdierks 2002/09/03 None Firewalled Collaboration within projects.  
View entry Edit entry NTP Public Services Project Non-profit   HarlanStenn and SteveKostecke 2004/4/2 Some Internet Collaborative support and development for the NTP Project http://ntp.isc.org
View entry Edit entry Department of Health and Environment, City of Munich Government   MarkusSpring 2003/11/25 Some Internet Project documentation  
View entry Edit entry Torun Centre for Astronomy - Nicholas Copernicus University Academic   BoudRoukema 2003/09/25 Some Internet (en) + (pl): primarily, faculty and students in Torun interested in cosmology, plus others interested in cosmology http://cosmo.torun.pl/cosmo
View entry Edit entry Baanboard.com Non-profit   PatrickVanDerVeken 2003/04/01 Some Internet Knowledgebase on Baan ERP and related products http://www.baanboard.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Configit Software Corporate   HenrikHulgaard 2000/06/01 Some Firewalled Intranet  
View entry Edit entry Everiware Corporate   ChrisHogan 2003/01/04 None Firewalled Document Archive, Project control, software repository  
View entry Edit entry Texas Intruments India Corporate   SivaRam 2004/11/30 Some Firewalled Maintaining project documents  
View entry Edit entry http://www.bugcentral.com Corporate   TedRoche 2001/05/04 None Firewalled Software development team collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Simulated Reality Systems Individual   EdwinWise 2003/2/1 Some Internet Promoting the Books, Interests, and Journal of Edwin Wise http://www.simreal.com
View entry Edit entry Atlanta Individual   KeithHelfrich 2004/02/08 Many Other a variety of reasons - mostly to promote the life of leisure  
View entry Edit entry FBi Radio 94.5FM Non-profit   TWikiGuest 2004/12/10 None Firewalled Staff and Volunteers of community radio station in Sydney Australia  
View entry Edit entry The French Family Individual   TWikiGuest 2004/12/1 None Internet Coding projects, theological commentary http://wiki.thefrenchfamily.org
View entry Edit entry Silverback Systems Corporate   DavidMulter 2004/11/13 Some Firewalled Corporate intranet  
View entry Edit entry http://lathi.net/ Individual   DougAlcorn 2002/06/19 Some Internet Personal Site for writing articles, HOWTOs, and notes http://lathi.net
View entry Edit entry http://alcornfamily.info     DougAlcorn 2004/12/16 Some Internet Database of Alcorn Family Genealogy and History http://alcornfamily.info
View entry Edit entry Black & McDonald Ltd. Corporate   ThomasWilkinson 2003/06/22 None Firewalled collaborative manuals and information sharing  
View entry Edit entry Simulistics Corporate   AlastairDavies 2004/12/29 None Firewalled Project management  
View entry Edit entry Hsbc Corporate   LucAbom 2004/09/10 Some Firewalled Requirement gathering and Project management (IT/Finance/Markets)  
View entry Edit entry Home site pending study outcome Individual   PeterTattersall 2004/12/30 None Internet Work in progress - feasibility and utility study for local amateur astronomy site  
View entry Edit entry CERN Government   NilsHoeimyr 2004/01/07 Some Firewalled LHC experiments for collaboration on software development  
View entry Edit entry unlisted Individual   ChrisRiley 2002/01/10 None Private personal  
View entry Edit entry Eisfeld Ing. Corporate   TobiasLange 2005/01/03 None Firewalled web colaboration  
View entry Edit entry http://www.accendo.ie Corporate   ConorMcLoughlin 2004/04/07 None Firewalled Project development documentation and discussion.  
View entry Edit entry http://dgd.is-here.com/ Individual   ErwinHarte 2005/01/20 Some Other DGD knowledge base of sorts http://dgd.is-here.com/twiki/
View entry Edit entry bkdesign.ca Corporate   BruceRProchnau 2004/10/23 Many Internet bkdesign webdesign services, as an example site of what can be done with TWiki for a website or intranet. In progress but is getting there. http://www.bkdesign.ca/cgi-bin/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Universitá Ca' Foscari di Venezia Academic   DanKuby 2004/12/18 Some Internet used and managed by the students to organise a university-related knowledge base (please note: this is not an offical server maintained by the university!) http://wiki.cafoscari.org
View entry Edit entry Dresden Perl Mongers Non-profit   SteffenSchwigon 2004/06/11 None Internet Dresden Perl Mongers http://dresden-pm.org
View entry Edit entry Coe Newnes McGehee Corporate   KimWebster 2004/10/18 None Firewalled Optimization Engineering group  
View entry Edit entry AaronSmith Individual   AaronSmith 2005/01/30 Many Private family  
View entry Edit entry CmWiki Corporate   PatrickEgan 2000/02/08 Some Internet Configuration Management http://www.cmwiki.com
View entry Edit entry Nelson Rodrigues Individual   NelsonRodrigues 2005/01/15 Some Internet Personal use http://twiki.nelsonjrodrigues.com
View entry Edit entry Gerson Lehrman Group Corporate   RobertPudlik 2005/01/10 None Firewalled Company Intranet  
View entry Edit entry Evaluation Individual   CalWong 2005/02/11 None Private    
View entry Edit entry greeblesnort.com Individual   RickBuford 2005/02/01 None Internet   http://greeblesnort.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Xwell.org Individual   KyleMaxwell 2005/10/10 None Internet Personal notes, GtD discussion, photos http://xwell.org/
View entry Edit entry aidindia.org Non-profit   OmDamani, DwijiGuru 2003/04/26 None Internet Coordinating efforts and documentation amongst volunteers of AID http://twiki.aidindia.org
View entry Edit entry OneEighty Communications, Inc. Corporate   ScottBeverly 2004/12/02 Some Firewalled Product Development Process and Documentation  
View entry Edit entry Monash Cluster Computing Academic       Some Internet University researchers http://wasabi.maths.monash.edu/twiki/view
View entry Edit entry Pomona College Academic   JeffersonCowart 2005/03/01 None Firewalled Public FAQ and Internal Documentation  
View entry Edit entry Hewlett-Packard, ISEE Corporate   RobertShurtleff 2003/10/15 None Firewalled ISEE  
View entry Edit entry University of Mainz Academic   JohannesMartin 2003/02/19 Some Internet Documentation of well fitting graphical models http://beaker.sowi.uni-mainz.de/wiki.html
View entry Edit entry PartMaster GmbH Corporate   DirkRuediger 2004/05/07 Some Firewalled Company Intranet  
View entry Edit entry ASM Internal Linux Server Corporate   EricMok 2003/10/05 None Private Documentation, Project schedule, Knowledge Base  
View entry Edit entry Forecast Football Corporate   JeffHsu 2005/03/28 None Private Wireframes, Development, Documentation  
View entry Edit entry Cisco VSEC Corporate   DieterWeber 2005/03/10 Some Firewalled R&D Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry ThetaBase Individual   TravisBarker 2005/04/01 Some Internet Knowledge base, discussion forum, collaboration, brainstorming, community portal http://thetabase.net/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Personal website Individual   MartinHSluka 2005/04/01 None Private personal purposes  
View entry Edit entry Danish Bibliographic Centre Corporate   FinnSchiermer, SteenManniche 2003/01/10 Some Firewalled Used by the staff for project management and internal communcation  
View entry Edit entry Atos Origin [IND] Government   TWikiGuest 2005/04/04 Some Firewalled Production Unix support virtual whiteboard and documentation/software repository  
View entry Edit entry Raincoast Books Corporate   AlMaki 2005/04/06 Some Firewalled IT staff  
View entry Edit entry WebReach, Inc. Corporate   DavidSlazyk 2005/04/11 Some Firewalled Policies and Procedures Repository  
View entry Edit entry Silver Spring Networks Corporate   GordonShephard 2005/04/01 Some Firewalled Coporate Intranet - Engineering, IT, Administrative  
View entry Edit entry Software Enterprise Corporate   RahulPandey 2003/09/04 Some Firewalled By internal tools team for managing team activities and user interaction, Knowledge Base and FAQs.  
View entry Edit entry Cygnus Communications Corporate   BrianSpinar 2004/12/14 Some Firewalled Mainly engineering document sharing, some FAQ/knowledgebase and some project tracking  
View entry Edit entry Alcatel Corporate   JeffreyFurry 2002/04/24 None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry ArensFam.com Individual   MikeArens 2005/04/27 Some Internet Arens Family web site - keeping in touch. Still a WIP, but many adds/customizations planned! http://arensfam.com
View entry Edit entry dbg400.net Non-profit United Kingdom MartinRowe 2005/04/15 Some Internet OSS projects for the IBM iSeries http://dbg400.net
View entry Edit entry Corus Research Development & Technology Corporate   TomDowden 2004/01/04 Some Firewalled Foam Research Group  
View entry Edit entry Hoekstra's home in The Hague Individual Netherlands EricHoekstra 2005/05/28 Some Private Storage of documents, extracts from books, personal knowledge, etc.  
View entry Edit entry Simplicatus AS Corporate Norway MortenSandberg 2005/05/01 Some Private Knowledge base, FAQ, documentation, IT staff  
View entry Edit entry Clemson University Academic   DonFraser 2005/02/08 Some Firewalled Internal to IT department for project management, change tracking, problem tracking, and knowledge base.  
View entry Edit entry Requirements Management Database Corporate   TedHartnell 2005/06/15 None Internet Customer Support http://www.reqdb.com/cgi-bin/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry GeoDelft Non-profit Netherlands JosMaccabiani 2005/06/03 Some Firewalled Knowledge Management, Bug tracking, Team collaboration n/a
View entry Edit entry http://durendal.org:8080/ Individual   GregWeeks 2005/06/26 None Internet Software Development/ private family http://durendal.org:8080/twiki/
View entry Edit entry Rabbit Island Research Group Academic   MarcPerkins 2005/03/15 Some Internet Coordination of biological research at a field station in Canada http://rabbit-island.net/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry DRS Laurel Technologies Corporate   HankWilde 2005/07/01 Some Firewalled Software Center of Excellence / Research, Design, Development spanning multiple geographic locations  
View entry Edit entry The Bridge Peer Counseling Center Non-profit   ShameelAhmad 2005/07/02 Some Internet Collaborative knowledge management: sharing is caring! http://cgi.stanford.edu/group/bridge/cgi-bin/view
View entry Edit entry Philips Research Corporate   PeterHuisken 2005/03/01 Some Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry BAuA Government   JoachimWinzier 2005/06/03 Some Firewalled Dokumentation of the IT-department  
View entry Edit entry TU Delft, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Section Energy & Industry Academic   IgorNikolic 2005/02/18 None Firewalled GUX is the on-line collaboration system for Energy and Industry Group, of the Department of Technology, Policy and Management, of the Delft University of Technology research projects. http://gux.ict.tbm.tudelft.nl/~igorn/blog/static.php?page=static050312-135327
View entry Edit entry BBIT Consulting B.V. Corporate   MartinBezemer 2005/07/20 None Firewalled SAP Consultants for Project Management and Exchange of ideas  
View entry Edit entry European Aviation Safety Agency of the European Commission Government   LeeGoddard 2005/07/29 Many Firewalled The IT development department for documenting installation procedures and tutorials  
View entry Edit entry BlueScope Steel Limited, Port Kembla HSM Corporate   JohnConran 2003/10/01 Some Firewalled automation team for process control support and development  
View entry Edit entry Nokia Corporate   HarriLakkala 2002/05/22 Some Firewalled To replace static web sites, knowledge management, collaboration sites  
View entry Edit entry Blowback Productions Ltd Corporate   JohnRHarris 2005/08/10 None Firewalled Movie development and production  
View entry Edit entry Espace Mendes France, centre de culture scientifique, technique et industrielle (Poitiers, France) Non-profit France ThierryPasquier 2005/04/13 None Internet Project Collaborations & Intranet http://telem.fr
View entry Edit entry Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington Academic   TWikiGuest 2005/08/15 None Internet   http://www.atmos.washington.edu/cgi-bin/twiki/view
View entry Edit entry Cisco Systems, Inc. Corporate   MaureenDunlap 2005/07/28 Some Firewalled Collaboration of Worldwide Operations Team wwwin.cisco.com/cgi-bin/WWSales/wwops/wwssp/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Andersen Construction Corporate   TimAshman 2005/07/01 None Firewalled Employees  
View entry Edit entry Jack Baskin School of Engineering, UC Santa Cruz Academic   MatthewKalastro 2003/09/01 None Private Academic and administrative projects http://wiki.soe.ucsc.edu/
View entry Edit entry Edmunds.com Corporate   PaulSchifferer 2005/02/15 Some Firewalled Employees  
View entry Edit entry Propero Corporate   IanGibbs 2001/09/15 Some Firewalled Techical knowledge base & development co-ordination  
View entry Edit entry ServePath Corporate   LizDizon 2005/01/20 Some Firewalled Internal documentation, how-to  
View entry Edit entry DATAPREV Government Brazil JarbasJunior 2005/08/10 Some Private Internal collaboration on INTRANET sites www-intranet
View entry Edit entry Qatar Vinyl Company Corporate   RoaldLygre 2005/01/31 None Firewalled IT documentation  
View entry Edit entry Roland Corporation U.S. Corporate   EdwardCoker 2005/10/11 None Firewalled Our Employees  
View entry Edit entry Padtec S/A Corporate   DanielSalles 2005/01/01 None Firewalled Documentation of Software and Hardware development  
View entry Edit entry http://www.taatu.com Corporate   YannickBollati and PeterVanderborght 2005/10/01 None Firewalled Corporate Intranet, code documentation  
View entry Edit entry Flamingo Internet Navigators Corporate   JohnLundin 2004/10/29 Some Internet documentation and testing http://wiki.fini.net
View entry Edit entry LTX Corporation Corporate   IanHarrison and Gary Murray 2005/02/24 Some Firewalled Semiconductor Test Applications internal knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem Academic   TamasCsillag 2004/11/22 Some Firewalled Student life, community news etc.  
View entry Edit entry Willowbrook Sports Complex Corporate   TracyWald 2005/11/28 Some Firewalled Staff collaboration and dissemination of company information  
View entry Edit entry ORIX Australia Corporate   Phil Crooker 2004/09/29 Some Firewalled Internal technical documentation  
View entry Edit entry ATC Corporate   BenBurnett 2005/11/28 None Firewalled Project Design and Documentation collaboration and Corporate Intranet Knowledge Base  
View entry Edit entry SSN College of Engineering, college Intranet Academic India Main.Dr.C.Arvindan 2005/11/09 Some Private Department Faculty for Course Management  
View entry Edit entry Oilspace Corporate   JustinCook 2005/11/01 Some Firewalled Company wide collaboration. Mainly used for software development and client support. https://corp.oilspace.com
View entry Edit entry CEITEC Non-profit Brazil EdelweisRitt 2005/12/29 None Firewalled Engineering  
View entry Edit entry DAXTechnologies Corp. Corporate   RichardTarczaly 2006/01/05 None Firewalled Coworker collaboration, easy access on common knowledge-base even for our non-programmers, software dev. process support, short procedures ...  
View entry Edit entry TWikiMARE Individual USA JasonHill 2005/01/31 Some Internet Used to document the TinyMARE engine as well as provide a place for each MARE to collaborate. http://mare.qbfreak.net/
View entry Edit entry Federal University of Bahia - Brazil Academic Brazil CarlaFreitas and JeronimoBezerra 2005/04/29 None Internet to give the Mathematics Institute's experience on wiki culture for othes institutes. http://twiki.ufba.br
View entry Edit entry HotLine-BR Non-profit Brazil AurelioAHeckert and GilmarJunior 2005/07/29 Some Internet Manange the HotLine-BR web site and an colaborative area. http://www.denuncie.org.br
View entry Edit entry GNOSIS Non-profit Brazil AntonioTerceiro 2006/03/05 None Internet Host TWikiWebs for Free Software Projects, associates and for help the organization's knowledge. http://gnosislivre.org
View entry Edit entry Deluxe Labs Corporate   AlekseyTsalolikhin 2005/11/30 None Firewalled Departmental intranet.  
View entry Edit entry Imperial College London Academic   JiefeiMa 2006/01/17 None Internet academic discussion http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~jm103/twiki/bin/view.cgi
View entry Edit entry SQLiaison Inc. Corporate   RomainPelissier 2006/01/24 None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry Fastservers.net Corporate USA JeffLink 2005/12/10 None Firewalled Documentation for Tech Group  
View entry Edit entry Vanteon Corp. Corporate   MattHealy 2005/03/01 Some Firewalled Coordination of project teams, development of in-house knowledge base, documentation of internal processes  
View entry Edit entry T-Systems, SSC CRM, BU Darmstadt Corporate   MichaelSchmidt 2005/01/12 None Firewalled Communication platform for local and distributed teams, mainly for software development.  
View entry Edit entry slion.net Individual   StephaneLenclud 2006/02/05 None Internet Planning to use it for publishing mainly. I'll probably enable public write access to specific webs at some point. http://slion.net/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry Genealowiki.com Individual   JasonBenedict 2005/11/03 Some Internet Genealogy researchers who are scattered all over North America...so far. http://www.genealowiki.com
View entry Edit entry SaferNet Brasil Non-profit Brazil TWiki:Main.AurelioAHeckert 2006/01/18 None Internet Institutional Web Site whith a collaborative area http://www.denunciar.org.br
View entry Edit entry Home (PowerBook G4) Individual   RonBell 2006/02/10 None Private Private note taking, document storage, taking and preparing notes before upload to our corporate Twiki, programming and testing hacks for the corporate Twiki  
View entry Edit entry Physicians Total Care Corporate USA JoeDeal 2006/03/03 None Firewalled collaboration, help desk, project mgmt, bug tracking and eventually others  
View entry Edit entry Open Power Network GmbH Corporate   RalfSchaer 2006/03/17 Some Internet Demo TWiki http://intrapedia.ch
View entry Edit entry lefou's Werkstatt (TobiasRoeser) Individual   TobiasRoeser 2005/04/10 Some Internet personal used websites, OSS and closed software project management, knowlegde base https://lepetitfou.dyndns.org/wiki
View entry Edit entry DGate Corporate   Aiguo (Andrew) Dong 2005/04/20 None Firewalled doc management & collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Tele Atlas Corporate   GertVervaet 2003/01/01 None Firewalled Engineering  
View entry Edit entry Terrain Libre Non-profit   TWikiGuest und Freunde 2006/04/09 None Internet Wissenspeicher für fränkische Backgammonspieler http://wiki.backgammon.terrainlibre.org/
View entry Edit entry THQ Studio Australia Corporate   DavidWall 2006/02/15 Some Firewalled intranet  
View entry Edit entry SSA Global Corporate   DavidKerr 2006/04/17 None Firewalled SSA Global Tools Support  
View entry Edit entry Bitwise Global Inc. Corporate   JohnDStrong 2005/04/28 Many Firewalled Sales and technical collaboration, development & project management.  
View entry Edit entry International Working Group on Taxonomic Databases (TDWG) Non-profit   RicardoScachettiPereira 2006/03/28 None Internet Collaborative development of data exchange standards for Taxonomy and Biodiversity Informatics http://wiki.tdwg.org
View entry Edit entry Mentor Graphics, Embedded Systems Division Corporate   FakhirAnsari 2005/07/10 Some Firewalled Knowledge base, collaboration and brainstorming, tracking our product lifecycle, requirements and issue tracking, software repository. We're using both TWiki and Trac side-by-side.  
View entry Edit entry Jennic Ltd Corporate   AlanChapman 2005/11/15 Some Firewalled Company Intranet  
View entry Edit entry Colibre - Cooperativa de Tecnologias Livres Corporate Brazil AntonioTerceiro 2006/05/01 Some Firewalled institutional website and internal organization http://www.colibre.com.br/
View entry Edit entry Associaçăo Software Livre.Org Non-profit Brazil AntonioTerceiro 2004/02/?? Some Internet providing TWiki'sing for (mainly Brazilian) free software-related projects and organizations that can't afford their own infrastructure http://twiki.softwarelivre.org/
View entry Edit entry Brazilian National Computer Science Students Union Academic Brazil AntonioTerceiro 2005/06/?? Some Internet website, organizing the activities of the union, regional sections, etc http://www.enec.org.br/
View entry Edit entry Thoeny.org Individual USA PeterThoeny 2006/03/16 Some Firewalled Testing, maintenance, development  
View entry Edit entry StructuredWikis LLC Corporate USA PeterThoeny 2005/12/28 None Firewalled CRM, project tracking & management, website maintenance  
View entry Edit entry Hospital Anchieta Corporate Brazil RafaelFernandes 2006/02/22 Many Firewalled Used by employees. Provides a Document Managment, as well as a internal CRM. http://www.hospitalanchieta.com.br/sophia
View entry Edit entry Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF) Non-profit USA DuckySherwood 2004/08/18 Some Internet Project tracking / collaboration http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Projects/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Munich Perl Mongers Individual Germany HaraldJoerg 2006/05/24 Some Internet Initially intended for local organisation of the 9th German Perl Workshop http://munich.pm.org/cgi-bin/view/
View entry Edit entry GlaxoSmithKline (Bioinformatics) Corporate USA CraigMeyer 2006/05/02 Some Firewalled Collaboration, Documentation, Project oriented discussion  
View entry Edit entry IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator users group Non-profit United Kingdom AndrewFindlay 2005/10/31 Some Internet User Group for IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator product http://www.tdi-users.org/
View entry Edit entry Maidenhead Camera Club Non-profit United Kingdom AndrewFindlay 2004/08/24 Some Internet Camera Club: promotion, communication with members, education http://www.maidenhead.cc/
View entry Edit entry The NetView Web Non-profit N/A AndrewFindlay 2004/01/20 Some Internet User Group for IBM NetView product http://www.nv-l.org/
View entry Edit entry Reading University Folk Dance Society Reunion Individual United Kingdom AndrewFindlay 2004/02/09 Some Internet Co-ordinating and recording club reunion http://www.ruufds.org.uk/
View entry Edit entry Hitcham and Taplow Preservation Society Non-profit United Kingdom AndrewFindlay 2005/01/04 Some Internet Local community group http://www.taplowsociety.org.uk/
View entry Edit entry Forward Management Corporate USA JulietHabberstandish 2006/06/04 None Firewalled Documentation for different departments  
View entry Edit entry Provinzial-Versicherungen Corporate Germany MartinMelchert 2006/02/01 Many Firewalled Nagios Monitoring, Server Database, Documentation for different departments  
View entry Edit entry Carnegie Mellon University Academic USA MattHornyak 2006/06/13 Some Firewalled Collaboration on mobile computing research  
View entry Edit entry Melchior::CS::Muhlenberg College Academic USA ClifKussmaul 2005/08/01 Some Internet wiki experimentation, entrepreneurship education http://melchior.muhlenberg.edu/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry Strongmail Systems Inc Corporate USA ShekharJunior 2006/04/28 None Firewalled Internal collaboration and knowledge management  
View entry Edit entry Delhi Call Centers Corporate India VishalGupta 2006/06/20 Some Firewalled Knowledge sharing and general collaboration  
View entry Edit entry RealSQLGuy.com Individual USA TracyMcKibben 2006/07/01 Some Internet Personal SQL Server tips site http://www.realsqlguy.com
View entry Edit entry Navigon AG Corporate Germany StephaneLenclud 2006/05/30 None Firewalled Knowledge sharing; Forum  
View entry Edit entry origenis GmbH Corporate Germany HenrikKuhn 2006/07/18 Some Firewalled intranet communication  
View entry Edit entry FAS Computer Services @ Harvard University Academic USA ErinNettifee 2006/07/26 None Firewalled IT Technical Support Knowledgebase  
View entry Edit entry Cuauhtemoc Pacheco - online notebook Individual Mexico CuauhtemocPacheco 2006/07/30 Some Private A online notebook http://pacheco.org.mx
View entry Edit entry SCHARP Non-profit USA IT ??? Some Firewalled Everything  
View entry Edit entry University of Missouri - Rolla Academic USA AlanPilch 2006/06/15 None   Research, Collaborative Design Coursework, Student Organization Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Northrop Grumman (ES-NSD) Corporate USA AmandaSmith 2006/01/01 Some Firewalled Knowledge Management  
View entry Edit entry Stadt Augsburg Government Germany AlexanderScholler 2006/07/17 None Firewalled Test-installation to analyse if TWiki can deal as IT-internal documentation plattform  
View entry Edit entry Information Gateway Corporate Philippines EnricoDomines 2006/04/26 Some Firewalled Repository of documentation and knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry AdrianP.com Individual United Kingdom AdrianPreston 2005/04/24 Some Private Intranet information share & video library  
View entry Edit entry Chandler Communications Individual USA MelChandler 2006/08/19 Some Firewalled Chandler Family http://TWiki.ChandlerCom.com/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry Ellenby Technologies, Inc. Corporate USA ScottBarnes 2006/08/01 None Firewalled Knowledge sharing; document management  
View entry Edit entry Program Systems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences Academic Russia SergejZnamenskij 2006/08/27 Some Internet Program Systems Institute Russian academy of science, Pereslavl University http://wiki.botik.ru/
View entry Edit entry Ségécé Hungary Corporate Hungary IstvanManzuk 2006/05/01 None Firewalled wiki experimentation, project management, knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry Noventa Ltd. Corporate Hungary IstvanManzuk 2006/07/04 None Firewalled daily operation of the business, software development ,project management, knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry University of Edinburgh - Computational Systems Biology group Academic United Kingdom LunaDeFerrari 2006/08/06 None Internet Edinburgh Centre for Bioinformatics and Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh http://bioweb.diy.inf.ed.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view.pl/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Home Individual USA SergioSouza 2006/10/01 None Private Real Estate Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Thales Netherlands Corporate Netherlands RichardVinke 2006/11/14 None Firewalled Knowledge base and project support  
View entry Edit entry Make Sparks Individual United Kingdom Ian Hiddleston 2006/11/17 None Firewalled Holding server config details and software version numbers.  
View entry Edit entry smbmac.org Non-profit Switzerland MicMilicFrederickx 2006/11/18 None Internet Collaboration on Mac OS X system administration http://smbmac.org
View entry Edit entry SirValUse Consulting Corporate Germany CarloSchulz, MarkusKastenholz 2006/11/20 Some Firewalled knowledge base and project support  
View entry Edit entry Woodland Systems Corporate USA RobertWarriner 2006/11/01 Some Internet Moving into freelance collaboration http://www.woodlandsystems.com/twiki/bin/view.pl
View entry Edit entry www.marianbanica.ro Individual Romania MarianBanica 2006/11/28 Some     http://www.marianbanica.ro
View entry Edit entry The Capital Group Corporate USA PeterDascalos JimGettman 2003/07/01 Some Firewalled Production Support Services Knowledge Base  
View entry Edit entry Brustad Busstrafikk AS Corporate Norway OleJakobBrustad 2006/07/23 Some Firewalled Knowledgebase, Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Paul Scherrer Institut Academic Switzerland AndreLichtsteiner 2006/10/13 Some Firewalled IT Department  
View entry Edit entry AnQun.cn Individual China LiuJia 2006/12/06 None Internet Exchange information between friends http://anqun.cn/
View entry Edit entry Stichting Nederland Kennisland Non-profit Netherlands KoenMartens 2006/08/01 Some Internet CMS, knowledge base, collaboration area http://www.digitalepioniers.nl/
View entry Edit entry WikiGardens.com Other USA LynnwoodBrown 2007/01/04 Some Internet Public web site for gardeners to share information. http://wikigardens.com
View entry Edit entry InterMed Advisors, Inc Corporate USA MervinJohn 2007/01/05 None Firewalled Knowledge base and document management.  
View entry Edit entry CFE Zona Manzanillo Government Mexico CarlosGomez 2006/01/15 None Other Knowledge Management  
View entry Edit entry Thales Training and Simulation Corporate United Kingdom Several People 2006/10/5 None Firewalled Colaboration on projects and information sharing throughout the company.  
View entry Edit entry neofonie GmbH Corporate Germany MarcTeichgraeber 2006/08/15 Some Firewalled Company Organisation / Documentation  
View entry Edit entry INTEC International GmbH Corporate Germany AdrianWeiler 2004/10/31 Some Firewalled Knowledge base, project and system documentation  
View entry Edit entry engell.us Individual USA KeithEngell 2007/01/01 None Private   http://wiki.engell.us
View entry Edit entry Center for Evidence-based Practice, Taiwan Non-profit Taiwan ChYang 2005/03/01 None Internet Education purpose http://ebm.twbbs.org/
View entry Edit entry AESA SA Corporate Switzerland CedricZaugg 2007/02/22 None Firewalled Company intranet  
View entry Edit entry Ökotherm Energiesysteme Corporate Germany SaschaBuettner 2004/01/01 Some Internet Company Homepage http://oekotherm-solartechnik.de/
View entry Edit entry Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH Corporate Germany AndreVetter 2006/06/05 None Firewalled Documentation / Collaboration of IT Department  
View entry Edit entry Beach Solutions Limited Corporate United Kingdom SteveJames 2003/09/23 Some Firewalled Engineering project management; IT knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry NetLife Research Corporate Norway ThorEie 2007/02/15 Some Firewalled Intranet  
View entry Edit entry Symob Inc. Individual Pakistan TWikiGuest 2007/02/16 None Internet Information sharing  
View entry Edit entry GET Academic France OlivierBerger et al. 2005 Some Firewalled Integrated in a research teams support platform (ProGET) somewhere behind www.get-telecom.fr/proget/
View entry Edit entry GET/INT Academic France OlivierBerger et al. 2006/12 Some Internet Integrated in the PicoForge collaborative work platform deployed at GET/INT, providing wikis for hosted projects https://picoforge.int-evry.fr/twiki/
View entry Edit entry Latham & Watkins Corporate United Kingdom AlexHamilton 2007/02/23 None Firewalled Knowledge management  
View entry Edit entry QBFreak.net Individual USA JasonHill 2006/03/21 None Internet Personal website for JasonHill http://qbfreak.net/twiki/
View entry Edit entry Otto GmbH & Co KG Corporate Germany DanielWiechmann 2007/03/20 Many Firewalled information platform  
View entry Edit entry ProductBox Corporate United Kingdom Someone else 2006/12/23 None Internet Wiki development work for ProductBox http://www.wikibox.co.uk
View entry Edit entry Fluidsignal Group Corporate Colombia JuanRafaelAlvarezCorrea 2007/04/04 None Firewalled ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 documentation, projects documentation, knowledge base, issue tracking system, configuration management database  
View entry Edit entry CALMS.org Non-profit USA DustinGooding 2007/04/05 Some Internet Basic information about and project tasking/tracking for a Christian mission organization in Central America. http://www.calms.org
View entry Edit entry LATU - Laboratorio Tecnologico del Uruguay Government Uruguay ManuelBello 2007-03-06 None Firewalled Administration of several projects  
View entry Edit entry Floats & Fuel Cells Corporate USA MarkDriver 2007/04/11 None Firewalled Project collaboration and document control.  
View entry Edit entry MBF Australia Ltd Corporate Australia JurekKurianski 2007/05/18 Some Firewalled Architecture Group  
View entry Edit entry Data Conversion Laboratory Corporate USA MichaelWeremecki 2007/04/22 Some Firewalled   http://wiki.dclab.com
View entry Edit entry Globo.com Corporate Brazil DaniloBardusco 2005/11/03 Some Firewalled Project collaboration and document control.  
View entry Edit entry Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics Academic USA DevinBougie 2004/07/07 Some Firewalled Collaboration, documentation, web-site creation and management, ... https://wiki.lepp.cornell.edu
View entry Edit entry Betacom S.A. Corporate Poland BoguslawStaniszewski 2006/10/20 None Firewalled Knowledge Base of project for leading national railway company in Poland  
View entry Edit entry Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt Ltd Corporate India PrajishS 2007/01/04 Some Firewalled Company intranet, Knowledge database, Documentation database, etc. twiki.sankalp.net
View entry Edit entry Personal site Individual Korea YoungHwanLee 2007/06/08 None Firewalled FORYHLEE  
View entry Edit entry Navis India Pvt Ltd Other India NandhaKumar 2007/06/01 None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry INFN roma1 Academic Italy AlexBarchiesi 2006/12/01 Some Internet coordination of activity for HEP experiment https://t2-wn-51.roma1.infn.it/wiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry VIT UNIVERSIONT Academic India VIT.TWiki 2007/07/13 Some Internet Education http://vittwiki.ac.in
View entry Edit entry http://www.scribeproject.org Academic N/A MatthiasRoeder 2007/05/01 None Internet Interdisciplinary and open research group. We're developing software for computer-aided handwriting authentication. http://www.scribeproject.org
View entry Edit entry Pandava Corporate Belgium StefanLoones 2007/07/24 Some Firewalled Internal knowledge base  
View entry Edit entry Lason India Limited Corporate India AnithaMadhan 2007/02/01 Some Firewalled Corporate Employees  
View entry Edit entry Rasselstein GmbH
a ThyssenKrupp Steel AG Company
Corporate Germany MichaelBuettner 2006/08/02 None Firewalled IT-Department: Documentation for Projects, System Administration, Application Development
Human Ressource: Documentation for Personal Admistration
Production: Documentation Processes, Products, Machines
View entry Edit entry Payment Alliance Intl Corporate USA JeffWinkler 2007/08/08 Some Firewalled Intranet, knowledge base, collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Global CyberSoft Corporate Vietnam HieuLeTrung 2007/03/01 Some Firewalled Intranet, knowledge base, collaboration  
View entry Edit entry Hill Family Website Individual USA JasonHill 2007/08/19 Some Private Private website for the family to keep in touch, plan vacations, etc  
View entry Edit entry Hardenberg-Gymnasium Academic Germany JohannesLaemmermann 2007/08/21 None Firewalled for now: sysadminis for docs http://www.hardenberg-gymnasium.de/twiki
View entry Edit entry Russian State University of Oil and Gas Academic Russia AndrewPantyukhin 2007/01/17 None Firewalled IT department https://twiki.gubkin.ru
View entry Edit entry Cenkes Individual Russia AndrewPantyukhin 2007/09/15 None Internet Personal blog, public wiki, FOSS-related http://twiki.cenkes.org/
View entry Edit entry Family Website Individual USA MichaelHauan 2007/09/19 None Private Family information repository and sharing. Personal web presence. http://www.hauan.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Nestoria Corporate United Kingdom MarcMetten 2006/03/15 Some Firewalled Twiki is the intranet, all documention. RSS feed for changes  
View entry Edit entry STM - FMG (Flash Memory Group) Corporate Italy MassimoScardaci 2004/10/04 Some Firewalled Flash memories document repository (design,testing,quality,datasheets,meeting minutes,devices settings,project plans,workflow tracking,bugs tracking,..)  
View entry Edit entry Questia Media Inc. Corporate USA   2006/10/01 None Firewalled Documentation  
View entry Edit entry Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. Corporate Switzerland DanielKundert 2007/10/05 None Firewalled Electronic Library, Knowledge Management, Sharing Technical Information  
View entry Edit entry http://cs.knuth.bilgi.edu.tr Academic Turkey BetulUrgancioglu 2007/10/09 None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Non-profit USA RasmusPraestholm 2006/08/01 None Firewalled IT department collaboration (expanding with time) for Florida's state-backed non-profit property insurance company  
View entry Edit entry C:\Documents and Settings\daniel Individual France Main 2007/11/12 None Private    
View entry Edit entry Alliance Bernstein Corporate USA EIMT 2007/11/19 Some Firewalled Development  
View entry Edit entry GIST U-VR Lab. Academic Korea KyungdahmYun 2007/02/09 Some Firewalled Internal collaboration http://wiki.uvr.gist.ac.kr/
View entry Edit entry IndieMob Corporate USA Krysta Hunt and JamesReyes 2007/12/07 Some Firewalled Intranet, development notes, issue tracker, and a bunch more stuff...  
View entry Edit entry Geniki Corporate Greece IoulianosLastenneths 2007/12/19   Private Work  
View entry Edit entry Personal web notebook of Alexander Baker Academic United Kingdom AlexanderBaker 2007/12/24 Some Internet Physics Students at UCL http://www.alexfb.com/cgi-bin/twiki/view/PtPhysics/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Home Individual USA SeanBrewer 2007/12/27 Some Private Used by myself for taking notes in my courses at school. I needed an offline alternative to Google Notebook, and I didn't want to develop anything on my own.  
View entry Edit entry Home Individual Italy PieroGin ( PiGi ) 2007/11/01 Some Private Family and friends. firewalled
View entry Edit entry http://help.itdnet.net Other Bulgaria AlexanderIvanov 2008/01/11 Some Internet Corporate Documentation, Knowledge Management, Enhancement to Document-Management-System and E-Learning-Software http://help.itdnet.net
View entry Edit entry Delta Controls Inc. Corporate Canada KenLockhart 2007/03/01 Some Firewalled Internal Product Development http://
View entry Edit entry Delta Controls Inc. Corporate Canada KenLockhart 2007/08/01 Some Firewalled Customer Support & Knowledge Base http://
View entry Edit entry Delta Controls Inc. Corporate Canada KenLockhart 2008/01/07 Some Firewalled Sales Support and Users Group http://
View entry Edit entry AudioScience Inc Corporate USA SourceHosting.net 2006/07/15 None Firewalled everyone, mainly engineering for proposals, designs, documentation  
View entry Edit entry ASAMnet e.V. Non-profit Germany AndreasWeigl 2008/01/20 None Firewalled Internal Documentation  
View entry Edit entry Ateneo ECCE Department Academic Philippines AllanEspinosa 2008/02/13 None Internet Department webpage and research blog http://ohm.ecce.admu.edu.ph
View entry Edit entry 4th Street Food Co-op Non-profit USA DanielBiren 2005/06/13 Some Internet To present information to the public about our store/organization and to share information among members. http://4thStreetFoodCoop.org
View entry Edit entry RAND Corporation Non-profit USA NealSofge 2007/07/20 None Firewalled Experimental department-level knowledge management tool; access-controlled alternative to corporate MediaWiki installation  
View entry Edit entry Desai Lab at U Wisconsin Academic USA AnkurDesai 2008/02/29 None Internet Research collaboration http://flux.aos.wisc.edu
View entry Edit entry Itrus Technologies, Inc. Corporate USA AllanCano 2008/03/12 None Firewalled 'Automated' Server Documenation Project for our customers http://
View entry Edit entry Guardia Family Wiki Individual USA RickGuardia 2008/02/01 None Internet Anyone in the Guardia Family for keeping in touch. http://www.guardia.org
View entry Edit entry Unicer Corporate Portugal AndreNunes 2007/04/23 None Firewalled Internal Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry (undisclosed) Corporate Austria TorbenGB 2008/04/02 Some Firewalled Department knowledge base, process documentation  
View entry Edit entry AS-Lingo Corporate Germany UlrichKeller 2007/10/15 Some Internet Internal and customers, project documentation and control, Online-Help for AS-Lingo Users. http://as-lingo.net/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry Hausgarten.net Individual Germany PeterDressel 2008/06/25 Some Private organizing projects, knowledge base, collaboration  
View entry Edit entry 石竹软件 Carnation Software,Inc Corporate China KarlLee 2008/06/27 None Firewalled 公司内部知识库  
View entry Edit entry Wholefoods Non-profit Australia MichaelMartucci 2007/08/03 Some Internet Public website & private web for collaboration, meeting minutes, documentation http://wholefoods.org.au/
View entry Edit entry Healthe Care Corporate Australia AaranStent 2007/08/05 None Firewalled Corporate Intranet  
View entry Edit entry Robert Bosch GmbH, Chassis Systems Control (developing ABS, ESP, ...) Corporate Germany MatthiasThullner 2005/08/01 Some Firewalled SW developers use it for documentation, as knowledge base and to collaborate on some projects  
View entry Edit entry DreamLand MUD project Non-profit Ukraine RuffinaKoza 2008/03/02 Some Internet Resources for DreamLand developers and builders http://dreamland.org.ua
View entry Edit entry mudconnector.su: The Russian MUD Connector Non-profit Russia RuffinaKoza 2008/07/20 Some Internet The database of the MUD projects of the post-soviet space http://mudconnector.su
View entry Edit entry http://www.loglogic.com Corporate USA MichaelPerrone 2008/01/21 Many Firewalled Engineering Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry nowhow solutions AG Corporate Switzerland MarkusStuder2 2001/09/01 Some Firewalled Project Management, Knowledge Base, Documentation  
View entry Edit entry Yahoo! Corporate USA Admin 2001-10-01 Many Firewalled Internal documentation in Engineering and beyond  
View entry Edit entry Deluxe Media Management Corporate USA AlekseyTsalolikhin 2008/09/14 None Firewalled Documentation  
View entry Edit entry Computer and Media Center (Data Center), Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin Academic Germany TWiki:Main.DanielRohde 2003/06/18 Some Firewalled technical documentation; project planning; personal pages (to-do); shift schedule; ...  
View entry Edit entry Mundipedia Corporate Austria MarkusHasleder 2008/10/12 Some Internet Encylcopedia http://www.mundipedia.com
View entry Edit entry DSL-Assistent Individual Germany NilsKambach 2008/10/11 None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry Bergstrom Inc. Corporate USA AndyFranklin 2006/10/03 None Firewalled IT, HR, Engineering documentation  
View entry Edit entry Alfred Jäger Individual Germany AlfredJaeger 2008/07/01 Some Private database about plants, travel and other topics  
View entry Edit entry http://www.uni-goettingen.de/de/67067.html Academic Germany JuergenPrenzel 2009/01/02 None Firewalled Pedology departments at Goettingen University  
View entry Edit entry LaPESCH.org Non-profit Other Country UweWahser 2006/07/01 None Internet Project-Wiki for the development of the LaPESCH-Database - a software for collaborative project planning, monitoring and evaluation http://lapesch.org
View entry Edit entry Grid Research Centre Academic Canada BradleyArlt 2008/11/10 Some Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry Google Apps Reseller Corporate Armenia Hovanes Manucharyan 2009/04/17 None Firewalled Customer knowledge base http://
View entry Edit entry Home Individual Switzerland SvenMaeder 2009/05/01 None Internet Project Thesis for ABB Technikerschule Baden  
View entry Edit entry RW Freight Services Ltd Corporate United Kingdom GuyWillis 2008/12/08 None Firewalled Knowledge Base, Liability Claims Administration, ISO 9001 Quality System, Collaboration with International Agents  
View entry Edit entry Gentrack Corporate New Zealand JamesStone 2008/04/08 Some Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry Teichbau-Profi Corporate Germany DagobertWiedamann 2009/06/25 None Private team communication  
View entry Edit entry Endel Sirketler Grubu Corporate Turkey TolgaYAMAN 2009/11/01 Some Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry Idoox/Systinet/Mercury/Hewlett-Packard Corporate Czech Republic OtoBuchta 2003/04/22 Many Firewalled knowledge base, all lifecycle documents for software project, project management,...  
View entry Edit entry Barco s.r.o. Corporate Czech Republic OtoBuchta 2009/03/11 None Firewalled Project documentation  
View entry Edit entry Westico Corporate Czech Republic OtoBuchta 2009/07/05 None Firewalled Project documentation  
View entry Edit entry aseaco AG Corporate Germany MichaelGulitz 2009/01/01 None Firewalled Businss Process Mangement, Documentation, Knowledge Base  
View entry Edit entry   Individual   HangChen 2010/03/19   Internet    
View entry Edit entry Spectralinear Corporate India SundarAndichamy 2010/04/21   Firewalled Team Interaction  
View entry Edit entry OSYC Non-profit United Kingdom MatWitts 2010/01/17 Some Internet Community Interest Network http://yoga-eu.net
View entry Edit entry DINA Projektet, Sweden Academic Sweden TorstenEriksson 2010/07/21 Some Internet Management of joint informatics project for Swedish Natural History Collections http://dinaprojektet.se/
View entry Edit entry BontQ Corporate USA AndyZwerdling 2010/09/14 Some Private Intranet, development notes, issue tracker, and a bunch more stuff...  
View entry Edit entry Web HAD Limited Corporate New Zealand DorienTakeshi 2010/10/19 Some Firewalled Internal Intranet, Collaboration, Document and Knowledge Management  
View entry Edit entry Integra Telecom Corporate USA JoshuaKeroes 2005-06-08 None Firewalled Engineering for documentation  
View entry Edit entry Ben R Shull CPA LLC Corporate USA BenShull 2010-11-28 Some Firewalled Businss Process Mangement, Documentation, Knowledge Base http://www.brscpa.com
View entry Edit entry PhilEXIM Government Philippines BongFadriquela 2011-02-09 None Firewalled Knowledge Base for Risk Management & Intranet  
View entry Edit entry pdafans.com.cn Non-profit China TWikiGuest 2011-03-04 None Firewalled ideas http://iWiki.pdafans.com.cn
View entry Edit entry ADInstruments Corporate New Zealand   1999-06-13 None Firewalled Knowledgebase, Guidelines, Policies, Specifications  
View entry Edit entry DeLong Research Group Academic USA CabellDelong 2011-01-18 None Firewalled Intranet with group-only private info; also used as collaboration area  
View entry Edit entry National Nanofabrication Centre, CeNSE, IISC, Bangalore Academic India RajeevMiglani 2011-08-15 Some Internet knowledgebase, process documentation, general documentation/training http://sindhu.ece.iisc.ernet.in/nanofab/twikii/bin/view
View entry Edit entry PROSYST Sistemas Ltda Corporate Brazil RolandStepic 2012-01-05 None Firewalled Repository for specification documents and as a knowledge base.  
View entry Edit entry WAND Corporation Corporate USA JasonBates 2012-05-11 Some Firewalled Product Line Documentation and User Guides http://www.wandcorp.com
View entry Edit entry http://teacher.pas.rochester.edu/ Academic USA FrankLHWolfs 2007-01-01 Some Firewalled Basic Research, Higher Education  
View entry Edit entry UC Hastings College of the Law Academic USA KentWalker 2008/01/01 Some Firewalled Internal IT documentation and procedures  
View entry Edit entry NuevoMexico Academic Mexico UrielVertiz 2012-10-15 None Private Jose Alberto http://nuevomexico.com
View entry Edit entry The Narwhal Group Corporate USA JohnAmidon 2012-06-04 None Firewalled Employees to collaborate on projects  
View entry Edit entry Sutunam Academic France TanguyRambaud 2011-11-27 None Firewalled   http://www.sutunam.com
View entry Edit entry Adamo Family Site Individual Italy DomenicoAdamo 2006-04-21 Some Internet dancing school, football training sessions, adamo family history http://adamofamily.eu
View entry Edit entry Central Banks of Italy, Germany, France Other N/A DomenicoAdamo 2004-11-01 Many Firewalled Document Management System  
View entry Edit entry Central Banks of Italy, Germany, France, Spain Other N/A DomenicoAdamo 2008-01-24 Many Firewalled Document Management System  
View entry Edit entry norma Corporate France EmmanuelVolette 2013-03-05 Some Private service info  
View entry Edit entry Walton Robinson Other United Kingdom SuzanneRitter 2013-03-21   Other   http://www.waltonrobinson.com/
View entry Edit entry Dot Hill Systems Corporate USA PhilCornelius 2012-01-14 Some Firewalled Engineering for knowledge base, document storage, and collaboration.  
View entry Edit entry Pointwise, Inc Corporate USA MikeEggleston 2006/01/01 None Firewalled employees  
View entry Edit entry   Individual USA CynthiaDaye 2013-11-03 Many Private    
View entry Edit entry filmseminare.de Academic Germany MartinBlankemeyer 2014-08-12 None Firewalled Intranet  
View entry Edit entry Gaia at the UB team Academic Spain DaniMolina 2005-03-01 None Other Workshop web pages, internal ones,... for several groups we belong to. https://gaia.am.ub.es/Twiki/bin/view/RecGaia/
View entry Edit entry Kenya Forestry Research Instiute Government Kenya VictorKamau 2015-11-11 None Firewalled Knowledge Management  
View entry Edit entry DHTR Individual Australia Daniel Huynh 2018-02-07 None Private Family friends http://
~Total: 561
~Installed at ~Org:
Academic: 92
Corporate: 279
Government: 22
Individual: 83
Non-profit: 72
Other: 10
Armenia: 1
Australia: 4
Austria: 4
Belgium: 1
Brazil: 13
Bulgaria: 1
Canada: 5
China: 3
Colombia: 1
Czech Republic: 3
France: 6
Germany: 25
Greece: 1
Hungary: 2
India: 8
Italy: 4
Kenya: 1
Korea: 2
Mexico: 3
N/A: 5
Netherlands: 4
New Zealand: 3
Norway: 3
Other Country: 1
Pakistan: 1
Philippines: 3
Poland: 1
Portugal: 1
Romania: 1
Russia: 4
Spain: 1
Sweden: 1
Switzerland: 6
Taiwan: 2
Turkey: 2
USA: 62
Ukraine: 1
United Kingdom: 17
Uruguay: 1
Vietnam: 1
~Installed by ~Install Date ~Customized:
Many: 30
None: 226
Some: 300
~Type of Use:
Firewalled: 336
Internet: 159
Other: 9
Private: 55
~Used by/for ~TWiki URL

About this Page

This page lists TWiki installations. Note that this list is just a small fraction of the actual installations, there are over 500,000 downloads and we estimate 60,000 installations. You can sort and filter the table. (This is also a demonstration of what you can do with TWikiVariables and some HTML.)

Please add yourself to the list if you installed TWiki on your server. (Let us also know even if your installation is behind a firewall.)

At a later point, if your deployment of TWiki has been successful, we would very much appreciate if you could support the TWiki community by writing a TWikiSuccessStory. This helps in promoting the platform, which in turn will result in a better product.

Still need to convince your co-workers? See TWikiAdvocacy.

Add a New Entry

Organization where TWiki is installed, possibly with link like [[http://ge.com][GE]]
TypeOfOrganization: Academic: Unversity, school etc
Corporate: For profit company
Non-profit: Any type of non-profit organization, including OSS groups
Government: Any type of government organization
Individual: Individual person or a small non-public group
Primary country where the organization is operating (not where the server is)
TWikiCustomization: None: No or minor customization, like installing available Plugins or skins
Some: Few customizations, like some code tweaks, or new Plugins or skins
Many: Extensive code changes
TypeOfUse: Firewalled: TWiki sits behind a firewall (Intranet), or has restricted
    access such as SSL or basic authentication (Extranet)
Internet: TWiki site is publicly accessible
Private: TWiki site is for private use, such as individuals or families
Other: If it does not fit in any of the above
Used by/for:
Enter URL if this is a public TWiki installation; remove the default http:// if not

Remove an Entry

To remove an existing entry, edit the entry and set the TopicClassification to TWikiInstallationObsolete.

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